Weight Loss- 5 Steps for Weight Loss and Science Behind It

Weight Management

Our body weight is sum of our body organs, water, fat, muscle and bones. When we deduct fat from our body weight it is called Lean Body Mass.
In present generation everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Fitness is measured as building muscle over fat. Muscles are like iron they occupy small places but are heavy, whereas fat is bulky like cotton, it occupies space and thus fatty people look chubby.

If you want to lose weight here are 5 simple steps to follow:-

  1. Calculate your calorie consumption by tracking down your calorie intake.
  2. Calculate your BMR.
    How to Calculate BMR:-
    The Harris–Benedict equation:-
  3. Make calorie difference by eating calories lower than your BMR.
  4. To further burn calories start some exercise, resistance training or cardio. Cardio exercise will help in increasing BMR for shorter period of time while resistance training will help in increasing BMR for longer time.
  5. Incorporate these steps for a month and see the difference. By creating a calorie difference of 500, you will be able to lose 1 pound in a week ie. 0.45 kg a week and approx 1 kg in a month.

Science Behind It:-
If we intend to lose weight we must understand that weight loss is possible if we create calorie difference between the calories we consume to calories we burn ie. eating fewer calories than our body uses for functioning.
The fun part is our body tends to use calories even at rest. Bodily functions at rest requires energy for activities like circulation, digestion, excretion, maintaining body temperature, sleeping etc and the minimal energy required to carry out all the above listed functions is called Basal Metabolic Rate , which consumes approx. 60-65% of our total calories intake.
People who exercise on daily bases have higher BMR, so they are able to maintain weight even if they stop working out for few day or even months. As we age the BMR drops thus our calorie consumption also decreases.

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