Types Of Exercise


Exercises which we perform on daily basis have a lot to do with our physical and mental health. The internet is flooded with various types of exercise that any person can get confused about which exercise to perform. To sort this out I have classified exercises on the basis of their types. The exercises can be divided into 5 categories:-

  1. Aerobic/ Cardio Exercise
  2. Strengthening Exercise
  3. Balance Exercise
  4. Flexibility / Stretching Exercise
  5. Mental Exercise

So the right routine should include all of these 5 exercises.

1. Aerobic/ Cardio Exercise:- These are exercises which help us elevate our heart rate for a long duration of time. These are low to moderate intensity exercises.

Benefits:- Helps in building a healthy heart for life and also to expand lung capacity so that more oxygen can be provided to body.

Types:- Running, Walking, Jogging, Treadmill, elliptical tool, swimming, stationary cycling, jumping jacks, skipping, dancing etc

Duration:- Theses exercise should be performed for at least 30-60 min

2. Strengthening Exercise:- Theses exercises are performed to gain stronger muscle and strengthening them. These are moderate to high-intensity exercises which focus on a particular muscle or a muscle group in a single set of exercise.

Benefits:- Healthy joints, Increase in bone density, overall muscle strength

Types:- Yoga, Weight lifting, gymnastics, super slow, circuit training, pilates

Duration:- can vary from 1 min to several min for a particular muscle

3. Balance Exercise:- These are performed to gain body alignment and helps in strengthening of core and legs

Benefits:- Mani benefit is to gain strength, stability and to have the right posture

Types:- Various yoga asanas, tai chi, gymnastics

Duration:- At least 10 balance exercise should be performed for daily and variations can be added

4. Flexibility Exercise:- Also called as stretching exercises. It is the most important type and should be performed before and after other exercises.

Benefits:- Relaxation, Prep up for intense exercises, reduce soreness in muscles, reduce the impact on joints

Types:- Static, Dynamic and active isolation stretching

Duration:- 5-10 min

5. Mental Exercise:- These help in increasing concentration, reasoning power and focus of brain muscles

Benefits:- easy problem solving, good reasoning ability, increase in memory, improved reflexes

Types:- Brain stimulation games, outdoor games, concentration exercises, word puzzles

Duration – at-least 30 min daily

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