Mental Health – How to achieve what we want?


The truth is that our actions are controlled by our subconscious mind; it is more powerful than our conscious mind.
A very famous psychologist Sigmund Freud divided our mind into 3 parts:-
1 . The Conscious mind
2. The Sub Conscious mind
3. The Unconscious mind

According to him, we use only 10 % of our conscious mind, 50-60% of subconscious and 40% of unconscious mind.
In this article I will discuss only about conscious and subconscious mind.
In need to do anything we want to do, we have to make an effort to bring conscious and sub conscious mind in alignment. Our conscious mind continuously sets higher goals but we fail to archive them because our subconscious mind is not in sync with the goals.

For e.g., You want to write an article within 7 days and you have been trying to write but your subconscious mind does not allow you to, either you feel distracted or feel sense of mind blocking. This is because your conscious mind is telling me to achieve a goal but subconscious mind is not in sync with it. The conscious and subconscious minds want different things.
The problem can be solved by generating a short feeling which will trigger your subconscious mind to achieve the goal. The feeling is of achievement.
For this
1. Make a bigger goal which is created and recognized by conscious mind.
2. Break this big goal into smaller goals.
3. Now break these smaller goals as day to day goals and work on them.
4. Now when we achieve these day to day goals it gives a sense of achievement and will motivate us to further carry on daily work and our conscious and subconscious mind will work together.

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