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Almonds need no introduction; from our mother to great grandmother have been using almond and its oil for body and hair. But have you ever wondered what exactly this nut is doing in our body.

Almonds are rich in Vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E which are essential for our body. That’s why they must be Included in our daily diets on regular basis. Many food nutritionist and dietetics have claimed almonds to be one of the super-foods.

Almonds are very rich in polyphenols i.e. 312 mg/100 grams. Only few spice have this much polyphenols content.  The main polyphenols are concentrated in almond skin along with tannin’s. (1)

Eating almonds soaked and peeled is always recommended as this will help in providing all the nutrition without the tannin binding with them. (2)

Almonds are gluten free and thus can be consumed by people who are gluten allergic.

Almonds reduce LDL i.e. they reduce bad fats from body and thus help in reducing heart strokes. They also help in maintaining blood pressure which is very important in our stressful lives.

Question and Answers about Eating Almonds

Best time to eat Almonds?

As suitable by consumer but I would recommend eating them in morning so that they provide energy to kick start your day.

How Much Almonds should be eaten?

Some people recommend eating a handful of almonds daily but not to forget that handful of almonds is around 1 ounce= ¼ cup= 29 grams approx= 162 calories= 23 almonds in number .

So if you are consuming almonds daily I would recommend eating at least7-8 soaked and peeled almonds per day.

Can almonds reduce weight?

Almonds are loaded with proteins, which does help in keeping are stomach fuller for longer time so that we do not have craving for junk food. So considering that they help in avoiding instantly made bad food decisions.

Almond Oil Used for?

Almonds have omega-6 fats and thus are good for skin and hair. It has a low smoke point so should not be used for cooking but can be used for dressing as it has nutty taste. Cold pressed oil is best for use.

Is Almond Milk a good option in Diet?

Vegan Diet is the one promoting almond milk, but people who are following a vegan diet must know that firstly, extracting almond milk in that quantity will require so much of costing and processing and thus is not an option for common man. Secondly, almond milk is low in protein so you will have to add another food to meet protein RDI.

So, just to keep thing and life simple I would recommend following the age old way of drinking cow’s or buffalo’s milk, they are now available fat free too!!!!



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