Diabetes Mellitus


The inability of the body to metabolise what we eat (carbohydrates, fats and protein)

It is caused due to improper functioning of hormone called insulin which is produced and released by  pancreas, either insulin is not been produced in required quantity or it is not been used properly by the body. Insulin is requires to maintain the blood glucose level.

Why insulin is important?

Insulin is required for proper digestion and use of carbohydrates (oxidation of glucose) that we eat daily.

Symptoms: –

  1. More than normal urination urge- Polyuria
  2. More than normal thirst- Polydipsia-
  3. More than normal hunger- Polyphagia
  4. Fatigue
  5. Poor wound heeling
  6. Blurred Vision
  7. Dehydration
  8. Skin irritation
  9. Loss of strength

Types of Diabetes : – Basically 3 types

Type1: – it is an autoimmune disease and is found in children, the cells (beta cells) of pancreas are auto destructed in body. Thus, the patient has to take insulin from outside.

Type2: – It is causes by poor lifestyle choices and can be treated. Most of the population suffers from this type of diabetes. In this the insulin produced is either very low quantity or the produced insulin cannot be effectively used by the body. It occurs in people above 40 years age.

Normal fasting blood glucose is 70- 110mg/dL

GDM: – Gestation diabetes mellitus occurs during pregnancy. It is temporary type and goes away after giving birth.  The range of plasma glucose should not exceed 92mg/dL for fasting, 1 hour after fasting 180mg/dL and 2 hour after fasting 153mg/dL.

Causes: –

  1. Pre-diabetes – as soon as you find any symptoms or have previous history in family of this disease or blood sugar level is elevated, then it is an early sign of development of  this disease
  2. Overweight:- People who’s BMI is in overweight section are more prone to develop this disease.
  3. Hypertension- Stress which we all face in daily life is one of the major cause of developing this disease
  4. Cardio vascular Disease- People suffering from heart disease are on more risk of developing this.
  5. Sedentary lifestyle
  6. High BP
  7. Hight LDC and lipoprotein level

Test: – Most common test is HbA1c test.

Cure: –

  1. Exercise atleast 150 min per week
  2. Diet Management- Diet should contain carbs but in adequate quantity
  3. Consuming low glycemic index food
  4. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  5. Get more muscles than fat



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