Tea Health Benefits and Myths

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Tea drinking started first in China and then spread to other parts of the world including India. It was initially used for medical purpose to cure flu etc. Tea is  evergreen plant (shrub). China is the largest supplier of tea in the world.

Tea can be bifurcated in many types depending upon the process by which it is made.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Oolong
  • Black
  • Dark

Benefits of Tea

  1. Alertness, Yes you read it write, tea is a stimulant due to presence of flavonoids it gives our mind a quick wakeup call
  2. Tea is better than coffee, when we look at the caffeine content it is better option as it has low caffeine than coffee.
  3. Tea is scientifically proven to have lowered the risk of heart (cardiovascular) disease
  4. Tea is rich source of Antioxidants that help in reducing cancer causing free radicals
  5. Tea helps in preventing kidney stones
  6. Tea helps in increasing immunity
  7. Tea helps in increasing gut flora (good microorganism in stomach)

Some Myths and Facts

  1. Myth: – Herbal tea is a type of tea.

Herbal tea does not have tea leaves so its composition is different from tea and it is not a true tea

  1. Myth: – You can drink tea anytime

False, as tea reduces the absorption of iron when taken after meals, so drinking tea after having or before having food should be avoided.

  1. Myth: – Green tea is more beneficial

False, all the basic three type of tea (green, oolong and black), have almost same composition

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